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It is always an experience working with Yve that without a doubt always produce shifts in my life. It is the means by which Yve does it that are both deep and uplifting.

M.A. Richards

"The piece I discovered about fear of my own divinity and it causing me to feel disconnected from clients, friends, and family, was key and really surprised me..."


"You know how to go really deep and yet that depth feels rich and so empowering. I feel transformed and I'm excited to take my next steps."


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I have the ability to connect clients with their inner wisdom and intuitively understand, the common threads in their painful life experiences, that have been guiding them to begin to heal some deep-seated pain.

 Once you understand the painful themes and patterns that have been showing up in your life, it becomes much easier to begin to heal that pain or pattern and to listen to and follow your inner wisdom.

That knot in your gut. That fluttery feeling in your solar plexus. The twinge in your heart area around a past relationship. That persistent stress headache. Feelings of anxiousness/sadness that you deliberately try to avoid.  Sound familiar?

If you're willing to develop greater self-awareness, self-love, and self-forgiveness through accepting that some of your most difficult life experiences really do have purpose and meaning, then go ahead and book your Discovery Session. (Each session lasts 60 mins)

Depending on the complexity of your pattern/issue, it may take multiple sessions to put you back in the driving seat of your life. FAQs



Empowering You to Create A Life You Love


We go into our relationships with many stories, beliefs, and expectations, expectations that don't always pan out. We find ourselves triggered as our relationship activates some childhood fear or feeling of abandonment.

We may even go so far as to avoid opening our hearts altogether and may avoid getting into another relationship for fear of getting hurt. Let's unpack the emotional relationship block that's creating issues for you.

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You're an artist or want to be. A writer or want to be. A musician or singer, or want to be. You're a designer or want to be. Whatever your creative discipline, you're struggling to get into creative flow.

So often, when we find ourselves blocked we avoid looking at the stories and emotions behind our creativity block. Surely you should be able to just push through and get on with it! Let's unpack the emotional creativity block that's creating issues for you.

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You're someone who has spent your life going within and doing the work. Maybe you've explored many spiritual disciplines and teachings and have grown in self-love and self-awareness as a result.

But now, you feel kind of stuck, falling back into old patterns and not feeling particularly Zen about it. Beating yourself up is not going to help and bypassing your emotions will just make things worse. Let's unpack the spiritual block that's creating issues for you.

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Do you feel like you want to level up in your career or go in a completely new direction? Did you perhaps follow the career path that was expected of you and now you feel unfulfilled and frustrated with where you're at?

Or maybe you indulged your desire to do just what the heck you wanted to do, when you wanted to do it, and now feel that you've sabotaged your career goals as a result. Let's unpack the emotional career block that's creating issues fo you.

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"You have this amazing ability to take all the stuff I was saying and pinpoint things that are important to call out and bring awareness to. You are so gifted at that." 

TEDx Speaker, Mental Health Advocate, CEO of Peace Unleashed, Host of Neloo TV and Co-Host of Unleash Your Peace Podcast

Neloo Naderi