Using music to empower myself and others

Creating music is integral to my well-being. I use music as a way to self-heal, celebrate and showcase broad themes in engaging ways as well as to share and teach spiritual principles in easy to absorb, ways.

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"Lady! You have a vibe! Go forth and keep making music!"

Holly Freeling



The tracks below are a small sample of the music I've written and recorded in the last couple of years. Each track has its own flavour, style, and unique message. The last two tracks feel very different from the tracks I'm creating in my Song Challenge, yet there's always this thread running through my music of wanting to uplift, empower and enlighten the listener in some way. So I guess that who we are at our core never really changes even if our outer style changes.


"I'm glad I ran across you, your soul comes through when you sing and becomes part of the song. Well done Yve, Ima fan."

 William J Urmson, Warren OH

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Soul Riding is a rhythmic and stripped-back Conscious Music Track that tells the story of how I tap into and act from the wisdom of my soul. This track was the real start of understanding my musical style - actively conscious lyrics with a soulful vibe.

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"Good Question? Great answer! I really like this!"

Jordan E. Spivack, Composer



Good Question is my deep-dive into identity, race, racism, and who we are without our stories about who we are, all blended into a chilled and ambient call and response track.



 Sweeping stringed chorus and almost staccato verse, with vocals that explore wanting to heal without doing the work to heal. "I wanted to rise like a  phoenix, fully-formed in my magnificence." 


Greetings and Congratulations! Your track "Summer's Gone" has been added to the MIXOLOGY MUSIC Playlist on Spotify. (A Monthly Curated Multi-Genre Playlist featuring Upcoming Talents, Independent Artists, and the Biggest Hits!)

Exodus - Caribbean Broadcasting Network (CBN)



Summer's Gone is a funky, uplifting track that makes a toxic breakup feel like an empowering next step!


Your song "Hello My Friend" has a good vibe and is a good composition. 

FBP Music Publishing, FBP Music Group



Some  friends stay in your life and your heart forever, no matter how long  the physical distance between you and reconnecting is as easy as  anything.